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In 2015, the Melbourne Jewish Writers Festival and the Glen Eira Storytelling Festival hosted an event, The Play of Sound, celebrating the work of the great modern poet, Yehuda Amichai. The timeless themes of love and mortality were treated with a pleasant honesty by Amichai, inspiring readers and gaining international attention and praise. Adi, along with author Lee Kofman delivered readings in both Hebrew and English, accompanied by Adi’s music.


Adi performed for Eleanor and Mary Alice in 2014, alongside Glenda Linscott and Petra Kalive. Written by Peta Tait and directed by Deborah Leiser-Moore, this theatre play depicts the private conversations between Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary Alice Evatt, along with brief contributions by Churchill, Roosevelt and Herbert Evatt. The lives of these two influential women occur amidst a backdrop of politics, war, refugees and modern art, specifically Moya Dyring’s painting. The play was teamed with the Moya Dyring exhibition at Heide Museum of Modern Art. 


From 2013 to 2014 Adi worked on a video project entitled Between Sound and Space. This inspiring experience allowed Adi to explore the sounds of cello and voice in different spaces. She regularly visited various art galleries around Melbourne, including the Stephen McLaughlan, Edmund Pearce, Post Industrial Design, Brightspace and Photonet Galleries. Adding to this, Adi spent time on her video project at the Anita Traverso Gallery, Collingwood Art Gallery, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Fortyfivedownstairs and Linden New Art. Adi is grateful to the owners for welcoming her into these beautiful spaces. Adi has also performed at various gallery openings from 2013 to 2014. This includes a solo performance at Music on Christmas Morning at Photonet Gallery and a guest solo performance at Anita Traverso Gallery in Melbourne for Season 1 Artists’ Talks. 


In 2012 Adi provided music for Emilie Autumn’s show in Munich. With her unique blend of cello and voice, Adi created the ideal atmosphere for the performance. 


Adi has played her music for television and film, including The Litvak Connection (2010) which is a film by Richard Bloom Productions. Her music also features in Message for Humanity, a film by Berry Liberman of Beyond Belief Productions. In 2007, Adi recorded the song Words with band-mates Mark Ferrie and Andrew Pendlebury (The Mercurials). The song was co-written by Adi and Mark for the popular television show Neighbours (a Fremantle Media Production). 


In 2004 Adi recorded music by Andrew Pendlebury for the Michael Gurr play, Julia 3. The play was directed by Bruce Myles, featuring Kate Fitzpatrick, Peter Curtin, Todd MacDonald and Greg Stone. The play was performed at Playbox, the Malthouse Theatre. Prior to 2000 and further abroad in Israel, Adi performed and recorded for theatre productions at Nisan Nativ as well as Beit Zvi drama schools. Adding to this is her involvement with the Ein hod quartet from 1998 to 2000.








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